Adventures in Bangalore: Himalayan Monkeys

Our time here in India is nearing an end but we still have some amazing stories to share!

We were lucky to go see the Himalayas! We saw great views and felt a significant climate drop:



…and saw a ton of MONKEYS! There were so many that it was hard to spot them all.


The drive up was one of the worst things ever for me. If you ever have driven up a mountain face, you might have an idea of what I am talking about. The curves were so difficult to handle that we had to stop to get some air. Upon one of the stops, we were looking over a cliff and saw what looked like a group of ten to fifteen monkeys screaming – they must have been fighting. It was definitely a surreal experience. (Check out the video to get a sense of what I am talking about)

Adriane was walking to a temple and a girl warned of curious monkeys and how they stole her scarf. So out of precaution, Adriane put her camera in her bag. But sure enough, a monkey was intrigued by her sweater that was dangling – the monkey was so curious that he pulled at the sweater and, in turn, got the whole bag! He proceeded to search threw the side pockets and luckily couldn’t open the clips to get into her actual bag. Frantically she went towards the monkey to scare it off and his buddy ran towards her in hopes of snatching her scarf! Thankfully a mountain man was walking down the hill and she pleaded for help. He scared off the monkeys with his imposing size and demeanor.

Mountain Man: 1

Monkey: 0

Written by: Jennifer Isaza

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