Academy of Art University Spring ’13 Collections: French Textile Collection

The French Textile Collection lit up the runway with graphic prints and bold silhouettes, beginning the show on a high note. The collection was a collaboration of four M.F.A. Fashion Design students, five B.F.A. Fashion Design students, and two B.F.A. Textile Design students and the following French textile mills who donated fabrics to be used in the collection: print (AB CREATIONS); silk, jacquards (BELINAC, DENIS&FILS, PHILEA, SPRINTEX); wools (CLARENSON); lace (SOPHIE HALLETTE, SOLSTISS); knits (DEVEAUX, HENITEX INTERNATIONAL, PHILEA, SPRINTEX); velvet fabric, stretch corduroy fabric, jeans wear, pigment dyed (VELCOREX); and technic/sports fabrics (AVELANA, ROUDIÈRE).

The students who collaborated on the French Textile Collection are: Korkor Apo, Maclay Bowers, Joe Chung, Mina Fadaie, Guiping April Feng, Massayuki Ito, Kyung Hwa Kim, Erica Laba, Eli Daniel Odisho, Liza Quiñones, Angela Sison, and Wen-Lin Lina Tsai.

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