A Little Music for Your Friday

Having the 4th of July in the middle of the week really messed with our sense of time, but it is indeed Friday! And even though we gave you a hefty helping of music via our Ultimate 4th of July Playlist, we just couldn’t send you off without the perfect weekend jam. This week’s edition of A LIttle Music for Your Friday comes courtesy of a local favorite, Viceroy.

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Viceroy – also known as Austen Afridi – is a San Francisco producer who mixes amazing French/house/disco beats. He is a self-professed lover of “summertime, all the time”, which comes through one every single one of his tracks. Our current favorite is “Only Takes,” produced in conjunction with SF-based duo WhiteNoize. It’s the ultimate summer song that will have you dancing like you’re at Studio 54 – if only we had a time machine.

When asked about his music, Viceroy said he only keeps one core objective in mind: “This music has to make people dance.” Well – we think he succeeded.