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Top Five 2000s Fashion Trends That Are Coming Back

Remember when cool kids sparked a ’90s fashion wave with a return to retro sportswear and silky slip dresses? Once a big inspiration for designers when it came back to looking to their youth, the ’90s subsided into silence and opened the gateway for ’00s fashion trends to arise again.

It seems the industry is simultaneously exploring and avoiding the focus on individual expression, so it is no surprise that designers are bringing back some of the trends that had a love/hate relationship with fashion. It’s worth noting that this current decade, much like the start of ’90s fashion, had a way of showing that people can have a “sense of identity.”

Every era in fashion has something for which it is remembered: the 2010s brought back chokers and introduced the ombre hair trend. In contrast, the ’00s only had what the ’90s left behind, including subculture trends such as goth, emo, hipster and skater style identities. That was the cool thing about the aughts: It didn’t have many trends that stuck, which gave it room to open up fashion to art and music.

 Here are some looks from the 2000s that are being re-worn by young Millennials and celebrities:

1. Spaghetti-Strap Tank-Tops

Spaghetti-strap tank-tops were a hit during 2000 to 2003; camisoles had built-in bras and came in every color in the rainbow. With summer being here, you can see the spaghetti-strap tank-tops returning to major stores from Old Navy to Neiman Marcus.

Kate Moss 1996, Photo: Getty Images

2. Tracksuits

Kylie Jenner, Juicy Photo: Instagram

From velour to eye-catching labels, tracksuits were a highlight for the moments when celebrities were shopping or out of the town. Now, Kanye West has his own version of the tracksuit in YEEZY Season 5. Check out Kylie Jenner in her Juicy Couture tracksuit.

3. Colorful Lenses 

J.Lo Chanel wrap-around shades, Photo: Pinterest

Colorful lenses were it in the 2000s and celebrities loved to rock huge wrap-around sunglasses. Now this trend is coming back in style with rounded frames, aviators and cat eyes.

4. Tube Tops

Kendal Jenner Photo: Getty Images/Revolve

Tube tops were not a favorite among fashion critics, and many did not believe that this would make its way back in style again. Surprise! The tops are making a comeback and many celebrities, such as Kendall Jenner, are embracing this trend.

5. Denim Skirts 

Street Style Stars, Photo IMAT Tree 1

Denim skirts were also another item on the “not favorite” list. They were most popular in their shortest version — very high above the knee. Now the hemline has been lowered in its comeback, and celebrities such as Britney Spears still wear denim skirts.

Text by LaResa Jackson, MA Fashion Journalism Online