Woodstock reminiscence: Dazed and confused

It’s been 40 years since Woodstock celebrated “three days of love, peace and music” and to this day, the famous arts and music festival has the tendency to awaken the inner trippy flower child within all of us.

That said, Fashion School Daily will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the event that blanketed Bethel, New York via intimate (and sometimes irreverent) pictures from 1969. The photographs are courtesy of the Life photo archive hosted by Google (if you haven’t taken advantage of this library of brilliant pictures, I highly suggest you jump on it now before they start charging). The majority of the photos were snapped by Bill Eppridge a renowned photojournalist who captured an intimate and candid essence of the festival…


Taken by Eppridge, this girl looks dazed, confused and a little lost – which probably wasn’t uncommon at the festival. By the way, love the poncho.

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