Why They ♥ The Academy of Art University Fashion Show


Jack Mackenroth, Patrick McDonald, and Keanan Duffty

“The Academy of Art University fashion show is always one of my favorites at Fashion Week because the designers are ultra innovative since they are not restrained by the commerce aspect of fashion. It’s pure walking art. It always reinvigorates why I LOVE fashion and reinforces the belief that there is a promising wave of designers coming up the ranks. Plus I got to sit next to my friends Patrick McDonald and Keanan Duffty–What’s better than that!!”
Jack Mackenroth, Season 4 of Project Runway
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“The Academy of Art University is always my most anticipated show of the week for this dandy, I love seeing the new talent, it is so inspiring. New ideas just float down the runway in their creations, I just adore it! ”
– The Dandy Patrick McDonald
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“The Academy of Art University does what no other college dares to do – it shows during New York Fashion week alongside the big names of the industry and truly delivers a dynamic show each season. Quite often the Academy show is more inspiring than many of the established designers. It is always my pleasure to attend the Academy of Art University show to see emerging designers in the making.”
Keanan Duffty, fashion designer and author of ‘Rebel Rebel: Anti-Style’ by Rizzoli, 2009,
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