Who’s That Icon? Mystery Pop Up Art

San Francisco is no stranger to celebrities. However, keep an eye out for true cultural icons to pop up literally in the streets. The project is a collaboration between the Academy and award-winning animator Nicolás Villarreal, Director of the School of Visual Development and Red Clover Studios founder.

The first hand-painted mural portrait in the #POPUPICON series is open to the public on the side of the Cannery Building at Columbus and Beach. Get your witty Instagram captions ready, because the first 100 people to post a selfie with the mural will be up for a surprise gift raffle. Just include the hashtags #POPUPICON and #AcademyofArtUniversity as well as the correct name of the iconic figure for a chance to win.

“There’re personalities who have defined our time, who have captured the popular imagination in ways that changed the world. We want to bring them back into our everyday lives by placing them right where everyone can see them, on the streets we walk every day,” says Villarreal.

Who else would you want to see commemorated in this project?



Text by Adriana Georgiades, MA Fashion Journalism