Twitter Explodes with Praise for Fashion Show


Trying to keep track of people tweeting before, during and after our show last week was quite a daunting task — because people’s tweets were being shot into the Twitterverse like rapid fire. Here is a small handful of some of the best tweets from our Twitter feed:

@profreshstyle The show rocked my socks. (Do people still say that?)

@theTRUEkris Thanks! Amazing show and the collections were fabulous!

@BrittandWhit Wow the designers did such a great job! All of the @aaufashion was amazing! Loved it!

@thebolditalic We were blown away by the collections

@Shotwellsf so much fresh new talent at the @aaufashion graduation show last thursday

@fashionadreamer so inspired and amazed by the collections I saw at the @aaufashion show today!

@Andrew_Buckler Fabulous show @aaufashion and I got an award

Yes, that last tweet was from our special guest of honor Andrew Buckler!

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