Top 5 News Sources For Fashion Lovers

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. It is in the sky, in the street, it has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”, Coco Chanel once said. Fashion is interwoven into our daily lives and those that make a business out of fashion, package it into an experience that is expertly delivered to consumers in myriad ways, through multiple channels. The Internet has had a mammoth role to play in creating that package, and revolutionizing the experience for customers, by offering novel ways for people to consume news and information. It has become the most preferred medium to break fashion news, profile emerging and established designers, review fashion weeks, trends, and cover stories about the industry. Whether the relevance of print sources is on the decline continues to be a debate, but the following sources are at the forefront of fashion news. I have gathered some of my favorite online sources (in no specific order) that I read religiously to get insight into what is going on in the fashion industry. While there are numerous other sources available online, these are my favorite and have proven to be extremely beneficial in keeping me in-the-know about current fashion events, trends and style. Each website posted below brings something different to the table, and I encourage you to check them out if you are not familiar with them already: ​

1. The Business of Fashion;

Business of fashion

A daily resource for industry insiders and fashion aficionados, BoF addresses the gap between the creative and commercial sides of fashion. Founded in 2007 as a simple, personal blog by Imran Amed, BoF grew into a digital industry publication offering objective and holistic perspectives on design, investment, marketing, commerce, and modern media. Business news and features were the website’s forte until last year, when Tim Blanks, editor-at-large at moved to Business of Fashion for the same role, BoF introduced runway reviews as well.

The website regularly launches new platforms and learning materials – BoF Basics (education platform for entrepreneurs and fashion professionals who want to start their own business), BoF Education (free online classes for students, and rankings of institutions), BoF Voices (for the fashion community to exchange ideas and opinions on important topics) and the BoF Breakfast Club (a series of videos where experts discuss the week’s most important fashion news), and a subscription-based recruiting platform for creative talent. ​


Today, automatically redirects to Vogue’s runway page, since it came under Conde Nast last year. As a digital version of Vogue, hosts fashion news on beauty, culture, lifestyle and travel, and curated runway coverage, as well as the iconic Vogue Archive which gives access to runway photos from the 90’s. It is updated with photographs from the runway almost in real-time, and the “fashion show finder” allows users to search by designer, season and city. Most collections feature a runway review that is written by experts like Nicole Phelps and Lauren Sherman.

Vogue’s reputation coupled with the ease of digital media, combined with the navigation and style of propelled the site to fame. Celebrity style, red carpet looks, street style, culture, trending social media videos, are all covered in extensive, exclusive detail.

A distinguishing feature on the website is the “city guide” feature, which allows readers to navigate through fashion-focused travel guides for New York, London, Paris, Milan, Shanghai and Los Angeles. Categories include shopping (accessories, boutiques and vintage), hair salons and fine dining.

3. Fashionista;

Fashionista is more oriented towards pop culture, and has a voice that most of its younger audiences can connect to. While it covers fashion news and trends from around the world, the “Editor’s Picks”, that are essentially suggestions for bags, outfits, makeup and accessories, are popular and often shared on social media websites.

Fashionista’s most exciting feature, especially for students and graduates, is its “careers” section, which posts internships, part-time and full-time opportunities available in the fashion industry, usually based in New York and LA. Applicants use Fashionista as a job portal exclusively for fashion jobs.

4. Women’s Wear Daily,


Women’s Wear Daily easily stands out as a respected and influential publication that covers everything from features to insider scoops, trends in luxury and couture as well as ready-to-wear and street style, and the best of it comes through extensive reports on textiles, denim, retail news, industry and market news.   WWD is often referred to as the Fashion Bible, owing to the vastness and wide variety of content that is segmented by countries, markets, stores (and price points). The WW Directory is an interesting feature that allows readers to navigate by searching for specific designers, people or companies that they want to read about. WWD is one of the few reliable news sources that offers substantial coverage of men’s fashion as well.

5. Nowfashion;

nowfashion copy

Nowfashion prides itself as the first fashion photography magazine to stream live fashion shows and photos from the runway. The focus is on collection reviews, current, trending fashion from the “now” and coverage of fashion weeks, including couture weeks in emerging fashion capitals like Lisbon, Kiev, Sau Paulo, and fashion events, galas and parties from all over the world through live streaming and photo galleries. It is a reliable source for all news couture-related.

Nowfashion distinguishes itself by informing readers through powerful visuals and bringing shows to the comfort of their homes. The website thrives on technological innovations such as the 360 degree virtual reality which makes viewers feel like they are sitting in the front row. ​


Written by Namrata Loka, MA Fashion Journalism; Originally posted on 

This content was produced by Academy of Art University MA Fashion Journalism students as part of their Fashion Journalism coursework.