The Model Life of Erin: A ‘Cover’ Girl


Mocha Bride magazine has finally hit the shelves and has already sold out in two Walgreens stores! I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was on the cover. This is my very first magazine cover and I’m excited that things are headed in the right direction. It’s a little strange to see my picture on the front, but I am very grateful.

Besides the magazine, modeling in the Bay Area has been pretty slow. I recently talked to my agent about reaching out to other markets during slow times. We are in the process of looking into signing with an agency in South Africa and possibly spending some time there. This would be an amazing experience. To finally stay a month or more in a country I’ve longed to visit. This would also be a great way for me to build my book with published work and come back to the States with more experience and a bit of an edge. The opportunity couldn’t be more on time!

Written by: Erin Leeper

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