The Kalla Chronicles: Shop Talk

Last week, I came home from a friend’s going away party to find that my closet had imploded. Actually, it collapsed. It was a bit of an awakening that caused me to realize exactly how much wardrobe I had accumulated while in school. It also showed how much of it consisted of fabulous vintage pieces that weren’t actually my size. (Who can resist a Victor Costa sundress, or a seagull print hostess gown?)

Rather than cart it off to Goodwill, I had a friend whip up a logo, got a “Quick Shopping Cart” from, and launched my own vintage shop. The result is, which features 9 vintage pieces a day, at 50 dollars each.


This mod mini dress is still up for grabs!

I like to think of it as vintage shopping without having to dig through piles of junk all day.

P.S. To help me save my closet from another collapse, liquidate some of the stock, and keep the site’s inventory well stocked, I’d like to invite FSD’s readers to save 15% with discount code FSD. Happy shopping!

Written by: Kalla Vieaux

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