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The Beat, The Beads, The Drive: The Six Coolest Songs Heard at NYFW

“Do you really think it is the right career for you?
Are you looking for the chance to express yourself?
Are you willing to work flexible hours?
Then, please come along to see us,
Maybe we are what you are looking for.”

If the Academy had a soundtrack, this would be it. Richard X’s upbeat tunes and catchy lyrics set the scene for the 20th Academy of Art University School of Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week. Kicking off the Spring/Summer 2017 season, we just couldn’t ignore what was happening over the sound system. The beats, the beads, the drive! There has always been a synergy between fashion and music. This time, Scott Ewalt worked with designers to meticulously pick music that fit the image of their collections. As the soundscape pulsated through The Arc, Skylight at Moynihan Station in New York City, we noted the new runway anthems. Get ready to strut your best stuff from the amazing SHOP657.

  1. “Lemon Lime” by Richard X

Spiky and modern, this synthesized, grungy electronic music energized Nina Nguyen Hui’s and Melissa Kheng’s collections. Playing along those two designer’s looks, from see-through dresses with sea corals beadings to the Japanese Bosozoku-inspired menswear with laser cut sleeves, “Lemon Lime” spiced up a memorable opening moment to the Academy S/S 2017 show.

  1. “Never Say Never “ by Romeo Void

That is not a Justin Bieber’s song. Romeo Void from the 80s brought us back to the early MTV. The funky bassline, guitar, and saxophone accompanied the presentation of brown and teal colored knit dresses by Natalya Sheveleva Robinson. The post-punk music also added the fun to the collaborative collection by Yi Ru Chen and Jing Qian. Yolanda Chiu’s acrylic eyewear added some ‘shade’ alongside this soundtrack.

  1. “Make it Happen” by Playgroup

We’ve had this new wave single on repeat because of the pulsating jam. Boasting auto-tune enhanced vocals, the electroclash music brought some swagger to the Lindsey Trueman’s grain sacks outfits, Ben Ellis’ Fauvism oeuvre denims, and Anita Szu-Yi Chen’s merino knitwear. Indeed, a new wave of designers has come over NYFW.

  1. “Lidl Girl” by POPOF

Sometimes music must take a backstage to the clothes as it did with a slow jam “Lidl Girl” by POPOF’s remix. It evoked an ethereal mood while model glided down the runway in Dora Li’s and Carly’s Dean burnout fabrics, GeuMi Lee’s white stoic collection, and Brandon Kee’s multi-treated jumpsuits.

  1. Private Armie Dub” by Vivien Goldman

We think a quote from Vivien’s Godman’s lyrical hook was a perfect sentiment. Fashion week is not a fashion week without the 80s. The trends from that era are back but so it seems is the music. The good grooves gave a nice transition to the finale.

  1. “Seventeen” by The Regents

The Regents’ song was perfect for the finale walk. The music was bouncy and powerful: “Someone dreams, created your perfection… We sow the seeds [of] a future generation.”

Text by Marisa Tania, BA Fashion Journalism student.