The Alyssa Diaries No. 10: From start to finish

We drafted this toile of a draped silk blouse that I am working on. We drafted it from scratch, sewed it together, and fit it. Yesterday I was making the alterations we agreed upon during the fitting where we pinned out excess, marked changes to seam lines, etc.


I checked the toile one more time on the stand, and cut it apart from the seams. I laid down the fabric pieces that are being used to make the shirt and drafted new patterns from them. Even though there were previous patterns, the garment had changed so much during the fitting that I decided to engineer new patterns.

Here is a picture of the cut up blouse…


…and here are the new patterns:


Then, I cut out and sewed together another toile from the patterns that I just drafted. Some garments need more than one toile when major alterations are made. We sewed it in a comparable fabric to the final garment. We also chose a fabric that had stripes because the final blouse has stripes. We had to take into account the direction of the stripes since the garment was so draped.

We put the second toile on the stand, took a look at the fit, direction of the stripes, new seam lines, and made further but much smaller alterations. I made a few minor corrections to my patterns, and cut out the blouse in the final fabric (the striped orange poppy silk).

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