That Guy is Bob Guccione

The gentleman that was pictured in this week’s Who’s That? Contest is Bob Guccione founder and publisher of the naughty adult mag, Penthouse.

We had a ton of people guess, but Julia was the only one who guessed correctly — so kudos to Julia!

Here is a breakdown of the clues I gave you:

Clue #1: Spin – His son, Bob Guccione Jr. was the editor of Spin magazine.

Clue #2: Vanessa Williams – One issue of Penthouse included unauthorized photos of the actress/singer which caused her to resign as Miss America in 1984.

Clue #3: Sci-Fi – Guccione also created a science fiction magazine called Omni.

And P.S. — Consider this a tiny sneak preview of the next issue of One Eighty magazine.

You’re welcome.