Image courtesy of Meg Busacca

Student Spotlight: Meg Busacca

Image courtesy of Meg Busacca
Image courtesy of Meg Busacca

Meg Busacca is an Academy of Art University Fashion student. We asked Meg about her inspirations, personal style and her biggest fashion faux pas (spoiler, it’s UGG boots). Meg also explains why her experience at Academy of Art University has been so much more than she ever expected.

Image courtesy of Meg Busacca
Image courtesy of Meg Busacca

How do you define your personal style?

I have never been fond of the notion of defining a specific ‘style’ for myself, I just know what I like and I wear that, of course my tastes change, but I like to leave a bit of mystery. However, if I had to sum it up, I am a walking juxtaposition! I’ve always gravitated to lots of color, unique textures, and detailed prints that are often all thrown together, sometimes all at once! I purchase classic silhouettes, feminine fabrications and I have a tendency to layer, and layer…from my knits to my accessories. Since day one, I’ve been a ‘more is more’ kind of girl! Above all, I incorporate vintage finds that you won’t see again and I love mixing different elements until the end result makes me feel good, bottom line.

What is your inspiration right now?

I seek inspiration from a variety of places, and I typically find inspiration through my travels. But on a day-to-day basis, I have to thank the fact that I do not own a car in San Francisco, which therefore has led me to constantly see new things and become more observant as I walk the streets of this city. In addition, my latest obsession has been purchasing literature, specifically on artists from past decades, which leads my mind to go running with ideas. The only thing keeping me from reading is time; it is difficult to find the time to enjoy a leisurely read.

Image courtesy of Meg Busacca
Image courtesy of Meg Busacca

What’s your biggest fashion indulgence?

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! I am constantly oohing and aahing over footwear, specifically heels. I may be five foot ten, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing my five inchers.

What is your signature style accessory?

I am a huge fan of costume jewelry; I love my cocktail rings or my statement necklaces. I’ll load endless amounts of bracelets on my wrists, layer chains and pedants on my neck, and add a ton of killer stones to my fingers…I guess you can say I get this from my Grandmother Busacca, my original style icon.

Image courtesy of Meg Busacca
Image courtesy of Meg Busacca

Which is your favorite shop in San Francisco?

My favorite shop in San Francisco would have to be Jeremy’s in SoMa. It is the ideal place to find designer merchandise at a fraction of the price. I love a good deal! Or you can’t beat a good secondhand find from Wasteland in the Haight.

Who are your best friends in fashion (your style posse)?

My real ‘style posse’ consists of my best friend, Liz Corsi. She truly has an eye for putting together the most unique ensembles and she is definitely my most authentic fashionable friend. She consistently inspires me with her edge and most importantly, her confidence.

What is your motto?

My motto has always been to believe in myself (if you don’t, who will?), to be open minded to new people, places, and to acknowledge the things presented to you. Let them mold and affect you, and hopefully result to inspire you. I believe that once you tap into this awareness, you have the opportunity to create yourself and simply find your own unique footing, while becoming proud of what is revealed. Too many people are afraid of their own heads and the possibilities in life are endless, let those fears go. Don’t get me wrong; I have to remind myself of these things regularly.

What’s your worst purchase?

A pair of UGG boots I bought when I was in high school. I didn’t buy them because I grew up in a freezing cold climate, either… I grew up in Bakersfield. I cringe at the sight of those photographs when I believed they were cute with an A&F fringed denim skirt (yikes)!

Who is your best teacher?

My experience at Academy of Art University has been so much more than I ever expected, I feel privileged to have been taught by some incredible instructors that have been tremendously influential. But there have been two specific gentlemen that truly made an impact on me as a student and as a person. Gabriel Gima and Keanan Duffty are two teachers that will not be forgotten once I leave the Academy of Art, for they have given me beneficial tools that I will take with me as I delve into the industry I love—fashion.

Right off the bat, Gabriel Gima was adamant in making sure I was prepared beyond measure for each meeting. He laid a foundation of expectations and my perfectionist personality grew to new levels in which forced me to do better, to be better, and have just as high expectations as he did for myself, my work, and the way I presented myself to my fellow classmates. He questioned our thoughts as students and made sure we knew why we believed what we did, and this is why I continue to question what I think I know and to seek valid answers to. He has generated even more of an eagerness in me to consistently learn, in and outside of the classroom.

Keanan Duffty was a breath of fresh air—his energy is contagious, one can feed off his liveliness—and I immediately was drawn to his passion simply because it is evident he loves what he does. It is refreshing to witness an instructor in their element! They are so knowledgeable and you cannot help but be influenced and inspired. Keanan has truly made an effort to be a networking force for career opportunities that go further than the classroom; he is real and unabashedly his own entity. This is the kind of individual who makes it in the crazy whirlwind of the fashion industry. He encourages a mentality full of confidence and creativity. There wasn’t a day I left class not wanting to learn more.

Greatest advice you’ve received or would give? 

I’ve been very fortunate to be surrounded by such a supportive family and friend base that has always given me their raw input that has affected who I am as a person and the student I am today. But most importantly, my parents have truly been my driving force, especially my father. He has always pushed me to go after what I want, but has always made it clear to never forget where you come from and to not lose sight of what you believe in and what makes you who you are. I feel blessed to be doing what I love everyday. I’ve realized the brevity of life at a young age and with that, it has forever been grained in my mind to simply seek every opportunity and go after what you love, face the challenges that will undoubtedly arise, and let them transform you positively, for what will be for best. You simply have to believe in that; it will be for the best.


Interview conducted by Keanan Duffty