Student Spotlight: Discarded to Divine Jury Winners

Today’s Discarded to Divine Jury Award Winner is Yufei Li, who won first place in the Lamps – Home Décor category!

Name: Yufei Li

Major: BFA Fashion Design

Hometown: China

What materials did you use and was it easy to work with them?
I experimented with the prints on various fabrics to see how it would turn out. Then found out silk, organza, and straw paper were the best pieces for my lantern.

What inspired your design?
The abstract style of Picasso. And my personal illusion….

What was the most challenging aspect of the project?
Cutting 12 perfect pieces to go along with the lantern then glue them on!

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What was your reaction when you found out you’d won the Jury Award?
Big smile like this ^________^.

What are you most looking forward about the Gala and auction?
I just hope everyone has a good time there and enjoys the auction!

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