Simon Doonan Tries to Make Sense of Galliano’s Actions


Yesterday, on, Simon Doonan talked about his views on the latest on the Galliano trial and the designer himself — in his own, special way of course.

Here’s a snippet from the article:

The trial of designer John Galliano—for those of you who just flew in from Mars, he was accused earlier this year of making anti-Semitic comments during a drunken rant in a Paris bar, and has been charged with committing a hate crime—begins today in France. It’s got me thinking about just how incomprehensible I find anti-Semitism to be. Like most people who came up in the fashion world, I am wildly pro-Jew. Jews have been good to me. Jews have always put a roof over my head. They helped me back when I was young, feral, unwashed and ridiculous. I am what you might call a major mitzvah recipient.

He goes on to talk about his past relationships with specific Jewish people and how they have helped him in his career:

There is not enough space here to kvell about all the fabulous Jews who have recklessly and generously enabled my shenanigans over the years…

As snarky as he is, Mr. Doonan was pretty clever with this piece. In his own special way, he shows his love for a community that Galliano demeaned. Like he said: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

What are your thoughts on his thoughts?

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