Say hello to Russell!

The School of Fashion would like to welcome Russell Clower, the new Assistant Director of Visual Merchandising.


One of Russell’s windows for Wilkes Bashford

At first, I misread the announcement and I thought it said Russell Crowe will be the new Assistant Director of Visual Merchandising. I thought, “Wow. That’s odd. What is he doing here?” Then I read it again and it made more sense.

With a background in illustration, Russell has an extensive experience of visual merchandising – or as he likes to call it “The Theatre of Presentation.” From art direction to event production to brand imaging to advertising, Mr. Clower is definitely going to bring a lot to the School of Fashion. He has worked for the San Francisco-based upscale retailer Wilkes Bashford as the creative director and the director of special events. He has also done consulting work with Ralph Lauren POLO and was the visual merchandising manager for Bebe.

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“It is possible to sell merchandise, while simultaneously maintaining a level of artistic quality and integrity,” says Russell. “This is the standard of excellence that I was fortunate to be exposed to and learn from Mr. Bashford. I am so happy to be able to pay-it-forward, with my students.”