Run away with ‘The Runaways’


Forget Alice and her kid-friendly trippy Wonderland – it’s all about The Runaways.

The movie doesn’t come out until March 19, but mark it in your calendar. Mark it now.


The Real Runaways


The Hollywood Runaways

If you haven’t heard about it already, it is partly a “coming-of-age” story and stars Twilight diva Kristen Stewart and Dakota “she’s-to-good-of-an-actor-for-her age” Fanning. The rock biopic follows the start, the rise and the fall of ’70s the first all-girl rock band that included Joan Jett and Cherie Currie. It’s pretty darn gritty, rebellious, anarchic and grimy – and that makes it a lot of fun!

Check out the movie trailer after the jump:

And please note the intense platforms, heavy eye makeup, skintight jumpsuits, glossy lips, rouge-streaked cheeks, feathered hair, and ’70s-soaked Bowie androgyny. That’s not too far off from what we’re seeing today.

Are you going to see the film? What are your thoughts?