Ronnie Omar Nery walks in Vivienne Westwood’s Paris show

Ronnie Omar Nery, BFA Knitwear Design and current Sister City Scholarship Exchange recipient at Studio Berçot, sent us an about his adventures at Vivienne Westwood’s Paris show.


Here is his e-mail testimony as a pseudo Paris Fashion Week model:

You guys, I am having the time of my life! I’m such a huge fan of Vivienne Westwood, so I pretended to be a dresser and I got in to her show! Next thing I know, the producer is yelling that they need a stand in for the runway rehearsal because they are missing a model. Of course, I volunteer. As I am walking down the 50 meter runway with the lights on me and cameras going, I see Vivienne in the front row. She is staring at me like, ‘Who is this ghetto boy walking the runway with my models?’ I give her a wink and a little bow and she smiles. I ended up walking the runway 4 times for the rehearsal.

Vivienne finally comes backstage and I say, “I hope that I strutted my stuff good enough for you!” She laughs and I say, “I don’t know if you remember me from when you came to my school in San Francisco about 4 years ago — I asked you a question.” She says, “Oh  the Academy — How is Gladys?” and then “How is Rob?”

It was a great night and I got some contacts with her company as well as some of the models. Thank you guys again for all your help and support to get me here!


Oh that Ronnie!