Reporting the Trends for Spring 2014

Last week, students in Hersha Steinbock’s FSH 323 – Trend Analysis class presented their trend report for Spring 2014, honing in on Nomadism as a theme of the season.  They began the presentation giving a brief overview of the essence of a nomad and nomadism: “The nomad is on a constant quest to find their identity, moving through space and time, and expressing that identity through fashion,” they explained as they scrolled through beautiful images illustrating the concept.

The life of a nomad is full of questioning and wonder, and in the age of technology, it doesn’t always mean physical travel. Though they traditionally roamed through deserts and countryside, today’s nomad is typically a city dweller. They explore the world through magazines, websites, blogs, and beyond, learning about different cultures and different ways of life, incorporating new elements and information into their idea of self.

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With a constant concern for the world around them, nomads are very conscious of the effects of their decisions and actions. They are content to live with less, and are avid proponents of re-commerce (re-selling no-longer wanted goods). Nomads prefer to learn, rather than consume.

The physical expression of Nomadism displayed through clothing is generally inspired by nature in some way, and focuses on a layered look, stemming from the idea of having everything you need with you at all times, and often includes elements of traditional craftsmanship. There are some that exude a sleeker look – dubbed the young professionals by the class – donning slim cut, architectural silhouettes. And the street style stars, favoring standout pieces meant to grab your attention. The new pioneer prefers traditional fabrics including plaids, woven cottons, and wool, whereas the elitist goes for luxe fabrics and embellishments. The final classification, the burner, wears pieces that pack a punch, and isn’t afraid to be over the top. It’s all about incorporating and repurposing pieces to create your own look, and adding things you pick up along the way.

The students packed an impressive amount of content into their amazing presentation, and it was clear they’d done their research. Bravo to the students – we’ll definitely be searching for hints of Nomadism on the Spring ’14 runways!

The students who worked on this project were: Anne Marie Addo, Lina Ai, Jennifer Ancira, Adriana Angelini, Esteban Gallegos, Jessica Grimes, Daniel Jung, Aubrey Kia, Mackenzie Kruger, Ian Lu, Yiyang Luo, Mariana Pazos Perez, Isabel Perez, Marcella Rinaldis, Ruby Rosas, Jennifer Sartori, Apatsra Tawadee Tan, Morgan Tierney, and Hui Wang.