Refinery 29 Hosts a ‘Shop Crawl’

We’ve heard of every single type of “crawl.” Whether it is a pub, Santa or Snuggie-inspired, a “crawl” is an event where people travel in packs and go to multiple destinations in a specific area all encompassing one theme. That said, it only makes sense to have a “Shop Crawl.”

The popular fashion, beauty, shopping and lifestyle website, Refinery29 has portals in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and now, San Francisco. The newly launched site is becoming the go-to place for all the information you need about “the scene” in San Francisco. For all of you who are in San Francisco (the homebase of our humble fashion school, the site is hosting a “shop crawl” at some of the city’s best shopping destinations. Check out the flyer:


You can RSVP for the event by clicking here. See ya there!