Recommended Reading: Suzy Menkes’ latest Vogue articles, “Crisis in college” and “Fighting the Bitch Brigade”

Photo taken by Suzy Menkes of Gladys Perint Palmer watching on as guest mentor Margherita Missoni talks to Academy of Art University BFA Textile Design Student Andrea Nieto

Internationally famous and widely respected style editor Suzy Menkes needs no introduction, and Academy of Art University students should be especially familiar with Suzy after hearing her moderate the recent Fashion Symposium (joined by Rosita, Angela and Margherita Missoni as well as School of Fashion Executive Director Gladys Perint Palmer) and also hearing her speak at the May 8 Graduation Fashion Show and Awards Ceremony.

As many of you know, Suzy recently began her gig as International Vogue Editor of Condé Nast, having just stepped down from her longtime position as the style editor of  The International New York Times (formerly The International Herald Tribune).

Which brings us to this week’s recommended reading: two new Vogue articles penned by Suzy, full of wisdom and a fair dose of sass. Take a few minutes to liven up your Thursday– we hope you enjoy!