How to Pose for Street Style Pictures

With the popularity of social media and selfies, getting the perfect outfit photo for Instagram or Twitter is essential. However, most of us, including myself, have struggled trying to take the perfect street style picture, ending up with a bad, unflattering image.

Poses are a huge part of taking pictures, and can be the “make or break” of getting a good shot. Through lots of trial and error, I have figured out exactly how to pose to get the perfect street style picture for Instagram.

Here are five steps to obtaining that perfect picture:

  1. Stand Up Straight

The first thing you need to do when posing for a photo is to stand up straight. Good posture will automatically make you look more confident and taller in your photos. Lift up your chest and pull your shoulder blades together. However, make sure you do not overdo this by exaggerating, as you will come across as stiff and unnatural looking. Just relax, as the slightest improvement in posture makes all of the difference.

Left: Paris Street Style Style Caster/ImaxTree. Right: NY Street Style Huffington Post.
  1. Cross Your Ankles

Once you have good posture down, the next step is to cross your ankles. Place one leg in front of the other leg, slightly crossing it to the other side. This should only be a slight cross, starting at your calves. This step will help to elongate your legs and make your hips look narrower.

Left: NY Spring 2017 Street Style Style Caster/Imax Tree. Right: NYFW 2014 WGSN
  1. Position your Arms

The next step you need to do is position your arms. Depending on your outfit, you can adjust this step with different options. If you have pockets, the best thing to do is place your hands in your pockets. If you have a bag, hold the bag how you normally would, or hold the bag strap if it is an over the shoulder, while your other arm is hanging naturally. If you have neither, bend one arm at a 90-degree angle and place it on your other arm, slightly above the elbow.

Left: Paris FW Spring 2018 / Glamour. Right: London FW 2018 / Elle
  1. Angle your Face

After you have posed your body, you need to angle your face. Do not look directly head-on at the camera. You want to be at a slight angle from the camera and either tilt your chin slightly downward or upward and turn your eyes to the camera — or look straight ahead.

Left: New York FW Spring 2017 Street Style / Style Caster/ImaxTree. Right: Paris FW Street Style / Harpers Bazaar
  1. Pose your Face

The final step is to place your tongue on the roof of your mouth. You can do this while smiling or not. It will help to avoid giving yourself a double chin by elongating your neck and will give you the perfect natural pout.

Left: New York FW Spring 2017 Street Style / Style Caster/ImaxTree. Right: Milan FW Fall 2017 Street Style / The Fashion Spot.

If you put all of these steps together, you will automatically see a huge difference in your street style pictures. Each step is important, however, and if you only want to incorporate a few steps, you can still get an amazing picture. The key is to be confident and the poses will come across as more natural.

Words by Dana Kemeys, BFA Fashion Styling student at the Academy of Art University, and a founder of STYLED BY DANA.