Picture This by GPP

Here is the next great quote every artist can take to heart:

Every proper artist is more or less a realist according to his own eyes.
— Emile Zola

GPP: Yes, it is true, we all look at the same thing and see something different. Artists who paint see in ‘shape;’ those who draw see in ‘line.’ Some see in combination. I happen to see everything in line.

And here is the rub. If your instructor sees the same as you, you will understand what he or she is talking about. That’s the reason students benefit from different instructors. We connect with artists via our eyeballs.

People who have astigmatism (a bit cross-eyed) see an elongated figure; Modigliani and Goya are good examples. I have astigmatism — probably the reason I became a fashion illustrator.

I also have a highly developed sense of the ridiculous and a low tolerance for political correctness so my fat figures can turn into caricatures.

My favourite models at Academy of Art University:


Rosemary with lipstick


Diana with gun

Written by: Gladys Perint Palmer

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