Picture This by GPP

Welcome back from Spring Break! It snowed in San Francisco last week.

Here are a few random thoughts to keep you smiling and focused for the next few weeks before summer arrives (if it arrives).

Maybe soon you can put your umbrellas away?


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A tiny silver lining to a horrible big cloud: Maybe Japanese pigs will not turn into pork — bound for the U.S.A. –- because Japanese ports have been severely damaged.


Social Climbers beware. Facebook and Twitter started revolutions in the Middle East. There are some highly hostile posts in the air about a recent San Francisco bash.


British royals are turning into a joke. Except of course the Queen.


Please, LVMH, appoint Christian Lacroix to Dior.


RIP Elizabeth Taylor, join the ancient Cleopatra (second from left) and Michael Jackson (far right) in Heaven on the Nile


Written by: Gladys Perint Palmer

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