Picture This by GPP

On one of the coldest days in March (it could have been December at the North Pole) I set out to buy a pair of black gloves, preferably leather, possibly lined.


I started with the Van Heusen on Mission Street.

“Madam, we don’t have gloves, they are sold out, we have Spring merchandise.”


“Oh, no, they are also sold out.”

On to Loehmann’s on Sutter; same story.



Past American Leather – yes, very pretty black leather unlined gloves, $250; to Ross on Market “No madam, no gloves, it’s Spring!” (No, it’s freezing). To Nordstom’s where there was a table with a few really ugly gloves, discounted, for very good reason. On the other hand, a figure of speech, there were bikinis everywhere.

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By this time I was furious. So I found Bloomingdales, not easy to find hidden on a high floor, even less easy to find gloves – but I did find black leather gloves, lined in cashmere, made in Italy, 40% off, not in quite my size but they stretched.


This is why the stores are empty in San Francisco. In Europe, factories churn out goods while there is a demand. During a cold spell, fur boots, warm gloves are not replaced by beachwear.


Written by: Gladys Perint Palmer

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