On Online: Suzanne Skaff


Where do you live? Encino, CA

Area of study: MFA Fashion Merchandising and Marketing

Day job/occupation: Lingerie Designer-Business Entrepreneur (Juel Park Lingerie), Nordstrom Lingerie Sales.

What qualities do you most value in others? Kindness, good ethical standards, and humorous personalities

Name three of your favorite designers, journalists, bloggers, stores, etc.: Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Balenciaga

List a guilty pleasure: Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, shopping, and chocolate

What is your present state of mind? Stressed but hopeful and determined to launch and continue a family lingerie business Juel Park Lingerie which was established in 1929.

What is your dream job? Relaunch and be successful as the third generation of women in my family running our high-end prominent couture lingerie boutique.

What is the most important thing that people should know about you? I am an extremely passionate and caring individual who wants to please the world and at the same time find ways to also please and take care of myself. I cannot fix or help everyone that crosses my path, though if I can make a person smile and make some difference in their life I will be extremely happy.

When was the first time you recognized your interest in fashion? As as child when going to work with my grandmother and mother at the Juel Park Boutique on Robertson in West Hollywood. Whenever, I had a moment alone while they were fitting a customer I would pretend to be the store owner showing customers merchandise and running the entire store. To this day, I don’t think my mom had any idea what went on in the boutique while she was in fittings with her customers.

Where have you found inspiration lately? I find most of my inspiration through archive photos of pieces of lingerie from Juel Park. Also, my mother’s work room at home and her vintage collection. Doing projects in class starts the ball rolling for me — I take notes as well as create smaller projects I file and save on my computer.

What is your most valued possession? A gold cross that belonged to my Grandmother. Every time I feel I need help or have a big meeting or project, I wear it and ask for guidance and help from her.

What music do you like to listen to? This one is a difficult question I literally listen to everything. From hard rock, oldies, hip hop, country, ’80s, old school, etc — you name it I listen to it!

If you had an opportunity to travel back in time, who would you like to meet, and why? I would definitely travel back to the ’30s, as well as the late ’40s and ’50s. It is probably my favorite era for fashion! Also the fact that I feel a huge connection to it. I would love to meet my great Aunt who started the family couture lingerie business, who was so successful, and ask her how to continue the success and prestige that she created for her customers.

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