Off the Rack with Danielle: Retail Crash and Burn

It’s so hard to watch brands and stores crash and burn. What I’m referring to is when a brand decides to launch a new product line in store, and you can just “see it coming”. (The failure, the awkward sales tactics, the push to get an awkward new line of products to the registers and out the door.)


These awkward new product lines usually involve combinations you would never imagine being a reality – like when The Gap installed a bike shop. I guess it’s all about lifestyle, but I always think: “Wait, what? Really?”


Earlier today, I found out that Payless is going to be launching a cosmetics line. The proposed reasoning is that, because their accessories sell so well, customers will be attracted to something like cosmetics, too. Honestly, it sounds like the brand will just be a waste of time to even think about -– there’s way too many brands and products in the cosmetics market, anyway!

I mean, would you purchase cosmetics from Payless shoe store? Let’s be honest –- I love a good drug store fest, where I load up on guilty pleasures, but Payless is entirely different. I guess I won’t be stepping inside to even test it, due to fears of quality and wasting my money. Or is it just like a drug store binge session? I guess we have to wait and see.

One last comment: will BOGO apply to the cosmetics as well?

Written by: Danielle Wallis

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