Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Fashion Challenge Challenge

The School of Fashion, along with the School of Industrial Design, participated in the Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Fashion Challenge, sponsored by SF Gate. Students were asked to create works of art using the Monterey Bay Aquarium  banners from an installation at the Hyatt Hotel this past summer. Each School was asked to create a collection of pieces relevant to their given field.

Simon Ungless’ FSH 604- Fashion Design 3 class, which has a focus on design for environmental and social impact, took on the challenge – and they turned out some beautiful results! Students worked together to design pieces inspired by the beautiful seascapes at the aquarium. Iridescent dresses, ombre coats, and seaweed-like crocheted pieces added to the Under the Sea feeling of the collection.

SF Gate is holding a contest – asking readers which piece is their favorite. So head on over to SF and vote for the ensemble that inspires you to take a trip down to Monterey – we know we sure want to!

Students Disscuss, Design, and Create

Follow the jump to see the final looks!

And the Final Looks

Students who worked on the project were Flora Cervantes, Heather Scholl, Jacqueline Mao, Jasmine Gonzalez, Kyung Hwa Kim, Linglu Jiang, Nancy Garcia, Natalia Markova, Qian Bao, Shanshan Bai, Tugce Kaynack, Winbo Shiau, Yen-Chih Huang, Asli Witham, Arijana Kajdic, and Sujin Mun.

Great job everyone!

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