MFA students mentor some ‘thriving’ kids

Through Design Ignites Change, MFA students (MS Fashion Design 3 to be exact) Jeanette Au, Meredith Acton, Lauren Myers and Geraldine Caalim recently visited the Thrive House for Youth, an organization dedicated to offering life skills to urban youth.


MFA students chat about sustainability with the young artists from the Thrive House

Our students our no strangers to working with Design Ignites Change (remember that Ginnifer Goodwin dress the 1OAK team made?) This team of students continue to share the organization’s mission of “engaging high school and college students in multidisciplinary design and architecture projects that address pressing social issues.” (more pictures after the jump)

For this particular project, the team worked with the young artists of Thrive House; giving them a presentation on sustainability and inspired them to become “change agents.” The kids created watercolor drawings inspired by the Botanical Gardens at Golden Gate Park and the Academy students used those drawings as inspiration for their collection called Flowers for Baudelaire.


Drawings by the Thrive House



The collection inspired by the drawings made by our MFA students

For more information on Design Ignites Change visit To read more about the Thrive House click here.