Menswear Motifs That Provide A Sense of Style – and Freedom

BFA Styling Student Ivonne Yung let her imagination and creativity fly free in this shoot inspired by Craig Green, the London-born designer, who launched his namesake label in 2012.

“My inspiration comes from the Craig Green brand,” Yung said. “Its style gives me the idea of freedom with no boundaries, somehow motivating us to move ahead in life with zest.  This shoot also symbolizes a sense of fluidity, to further that idea and better bring it out to the beholder.’”

Yung was assisted by photographer Vince Aung, with hair and makeup by BFA Styling student Viki Yuan and BFA Styling student Chaw Chaw Su San as her assistant.

You can feel the breeze at the beach blowing through these shots. Enjoy the freedom they embody!

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Photographer: Vince Aung @vinceaung
Stylist: Ivonne Yung, BFA stylist @ivonnestyling
Make-up and Hair: Viki Yuan, BFA stylist @viki_stylist
Assistant: Chaw Chaw,BFA stylist @chawchawsusan