Picture of Yoyo Cao, yoyokulala in front of exhibit

Meet Yoyo Cao: Singapore’s Most Prominent Key Fashion Influencer and Mastermind Behind Exhibit Store

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Known as yoyokulala, Yoyo Cao, a Macao born fashion influencer who pursued her career in fashion as a fashion blogger in Singapore has garnered a cult following of 115k followers in Instagram to date.


With an average of 5,000 likes per picture that Yoyo uploaded, it has come to no surprise that her sense of style has been acknowledged internationally with her appearance in Fashion Week cities. Most recently, Yoyo Cao has been voted as one of the Top 10 Best-Dressed People from Fashion Month on The Cut.

In an interview by Her World Plus, Singapore Fashion and Lifestyle magazine, Yoyo Cao sat down to weigh in her success at 26 year-old as she recently established her label, Exhibit Store that will be available internationally through online distribution starting this year.

Picture of Yoyo Cao,  yoyokulala in front of exhibit

“I felt there was a gap in the market. People were buying either very cheap or very expensive clothing, so I thought there would be room for my label,” said the 26-year old.

Yoyo further elaborated on the goal to bring exposure to Singapore fashion scene by inspiring women to dress simply but powerfully. Of course, Singapore women could not agree more as Yoyo has also been appointed as L’Officiel Singapore magazine’s ambassador, where she attends and covers major fashion shows around the world to represent the said magazine.

Yoyo Cao poses in fashionable attire

What is more interesting is that Yoyo is an actually self-taught fashion designer, where she attained a bachelor’s degree in business in one of Singapore’s private institution as opposed to learning specifically about fashion design. Yoyo relies on the growing platform of social media to communicate her ideas on how to mix and match clothes that she finds inspiring.

Her intention to set up an instagram account was not to make a name out of her style but instead, on how to educate Singaporeans on how to style themselves differently. However, when she first posted her first ever picture on Instagram, she has managed to garner ‘hundreds of likes’, which later inspired her to create an account that centered upon her own individual style that are recognized not only in Singapore, but around the world.

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