MBFW On the Street – Part 3

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple… and Black

In a usual sea of black, it’s great to see some color in NYC. Don’t get me wrong… black is chic, and should be worn at least once a week. But, the ladies and gents seen perusing around 62nd and Columbus were clearly exercising their right to taste the rainbow. Pink, seen in solids and prints, seemed to prevail- while purple was not far behind. There was quite a bit of turquoise to balance it all out, and shocks of yellow and lime green for flavor. Most importantly, I saw some lovely royal blues and sheer prints that could easily carry into fall. It’s time. Colder weather is upon us. Wearing color is a great way to boost your mood, and it’s a wonderful alternative to red bull (but no substitution to coffee). It’s also no substitution for black, which is apparently a very season-less color. So as you’re gearing up for winter- black will always be your go to- but color is your secret weapon.

Written By: Katarina Farley

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