MBFW On the Street – Part 2

Shoes, Hats, and Headgear

Ah shoes… they can make an outfit, or break your heel. But, no matter how sky-high, I didn’t see a single girl (or boy) take a tumble. In fact, I saw more trip-ups on the runway than I did on the streets. These guys and gals were rocking it in everything from studs to metallic’s, to animal print and… ice skate hybrids? No matter the style, there was plenty of risk involved… and it made a great show.

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What you wear on your head is just as important as what’s attached to your head. A hat’s impermanence gives you the ultimate freedom to switch up your style. That being said, the headgear I saw in and around Lincoln Center went way beyond switching it up a bit. I saw everything from turbans to top hats, and I would even go as far as calling some of them a work of art (if only a craft project… but they drew a crowd nonetheless).

So, if you want to make a statement, and can’t afford a statement dress… go for some striking shoes or put something on your head. If you do it right, people will notice… and the fact that you’re wearing a cheap-o dress will disappear. That’s the beauty of street style- you can go high and you can go low. It’s all in how you style it.

Written By: Katarina Farley