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Ever wonder how your instructors spend their downtime? What do they read, watch, and listen to stay “on top of things” and “ahead of the curve”? We reached out to the faculty at the Academy of Art University School of Fashion for insights on their favorite podcasts. Here are some excellent suggestions to add to your playlist to make your time on the treadmill more entertaining or infuse your daily commute with inspiration!

Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4
Recommended by Rob Curry
Associate Director of 3D Design, Construction, Draping & Flat Pattern, School of Fashion

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According to Rob Curry, this podcast is worth a listen because it is “the antidote to all ailments, mental derailments and the vapid narcissism and general banality of the 21st century.” How deep does your inspiration run? Created as a segment all the way back in 1942 by the legendary radio host Roy Plomley, this seemingly simple program invites a guest to share which eight records they would take with them onto a deserted island and why. From Bruce Springsteen to Bill Gates, their selections reveal much more than music taste. They clue us in on the genius spirit of these creative masterminds; something we can use to conquer our own 2017 goals. 

TED Talks on NPR
Recommended by Stephan Rabimov
Director of Fashion Journalism and Social Media Center

Every creative professional knows that inspiration and motivation can strike anywhere at any time thanks to anything. Stephan Rabimov never tires to listen in on a mind-bendingly diverse range of subjects covered by his favorite podcast: TED Talks on National Public Radio. TED Talks originally focused on Technology, Entertainment and Design. They now run the gamut of topics from Astronomy to #YesAllWomen and the proverbial kitchen sink. Moreover, NPR is home to several top-rated podcasts, including How I Built This where entrepreneurs, innovators and game-changers reflect on their beginnings. It just might help you to stay committed to your New Year’s resolutions and career goals.

American Fashion Podcast
Recommended by Chelsea Snyder
Full-Time Faculty, 3-D Design

Instructor Chelsea Snyder cites “sustainable, chic and sincere” as descriptors for her favorite:  American Fashion Podcast. Hosts Charles Beckwith, Lisa-Maria Radano and others open the floor for tough conversations about the current state of the fashion industry including its role in furthering human trafficking, theft of intellectual property and being the second biggest polluter of the atmosphere and other natural resources after the oil industry. From zero waste production to pop-up store strategies, with over 120 thought-provoking episodes, this podcast will keep you going and your wheels turning, literally and figuratively.

The Monocle Radio
Recommended by Alexey Timbul Bulokhov
Part-Time Fashion Journalism Instructor

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The Monocle was launched in 2007 by trendsetter Tyler Brûlé, known across the creative industries as an “arbiter of cool.” This is Alexey Timbul Bulokhov’s default podcast source for listening on-the-go. Diverse cultural programming is available for streaming or downloading via an app. For example, Section D is the fashion-forward podcast covering everything under the stylish sun, including Palestine Fashion Week! From analysis of Angela Merkel’s latest policy proposals to review of the hottest food and drink trends, Monocle Radio can satisfy your need for something “clever, insightful and fun.” With several broadcasting locations around the world and regular music segments, this 24-hour radio is perfect for those late-night workouts or study sessions.

And what podcasts do you listen to? Let us know for the next installment!