Lisa Relth Goes to Duckie Brown

Steven Cox of Duckie Brown (left) and Lisa Relth. Photo by Randy Brooke
Steven Cox of Duckie Brown (left) and Lisa Relth. Photo by Randy Brooke

During our San Francisco show, many students were awarded internships from our special guests. Lisa Relth (that’s with an L, not an I) snagged a $5,000 CFDA Scholarship AND an internship with Duckie Brown. We had the chance to chat with her before she went off to work for the popular menswear label.

What was your reaction when you heard from Duckie Brown for a summer internship?

I actually spoke with Daniel (Silver) just after the show, and was really surprised and flattered that he and Steven (Cox) were interested in me. They were a little bit off of my radar since they are primarily menswear, and I do women’s wear. The more I researched their company in the following days, the more I realized that those distinctions are ones that Duckie Brown enjoys blurring a bit.

When do you move to New York?

I plan to be in New York by July 1st.

Other than the internship, what are you most looking forward to doing in New York?

Since I’ll only be there for two months, I’m going to get the very most out of my experience. I’m looking forward to exploring all the neighborhoods, shops, meeting people, good music, and seeing if this is a place I could live more permanently in the future.

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What will you miss most about San Francisco?

I love San Francisco. I will miss the pace of this city. My apartment two blocks from Golden Gate Park and the ease with which you can leave the city to experience so many California treasures — from the Russian River to Mendocino, Tahoe to Yosemite. I’ll really miss the proximity of San Francisco to all these amazing places.

What was the most valuable lesson your learned this year doing senior collection?

I had a bit of a mantra this year that went something like, “the moment I realize what needs to be done, I do it without hesitation.” Basically meaning that in a setting where you are wearing many hats and have to stay motivated, there is no room at all for procrastination.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

People might be surprised to learn that in the past nine years, I’ve taught somewhere in the realm of 4,500 Bikram Yoga classes.

Good luck Lisa!