Last Chance: Weina Li’s “A Piece of Red Cloth” at the Sutter Gallery

What is the meaning behind the sound of a smashing plate, or a woman cutting up the tulle under her skirt? The complex allegories are explored in Weina Li’s (BFA Fashion Design) solo exhibition entitled “A Piece of Red Cloth,” now on view at the Academy’s 688 Sutter Gallery (688 Sutter Street) through September 28, 2018.

Li raises the bar in her exploration of fashion as art, including visually striking fashion film produced in collaboration with Academy alumnus in BFA Photography Kai Wai Wong. It showcases an interpretive dance performance by the artist Guyphytsy Aldalai. Four original looks on display were inspired by the series of political events across China from 1966-1976, which are globally known as Chinese “Cultural Revolution.” Symbolism runs deep across the mediums Li employes, as she pushes boundaries both culturally and artistically.

Director: Kai Wai Wong

Producer & Fashion: Weina Li

Featuring: Guyphytsy Aldalai

Make up & hair artist: Elena Martinez

Camera operator: Ziwei Tian

Fashion Assistant: Yisha Xu

Music: Nouveaunoise


Text by Faith Ripoli, BA Fashion Journalism