Keer Ivy Chen – Senior Thesis Project 2022

Major: BFA Fashion Design

Contact: Instagram | LinkedIn | Email

Hometown: Yunnan, China

As a design student, I have been elevating my skills to a level where I will be able to manage to let my designs speak for themselves. As a designer, I work hard to bring out the pure essence of design as a way to open up to new possibilities.

The challenge of being a fashion design student is that we are often asked “who are your target customers?”. In a world where we are often driven to justify the reality around us, I wonder if there’s a possibility that reality could be anything we define.  My mom has always been a role model for me to as she guides me to truly understand the meaning of “it’s not always the case”. Immediately I began my thesis collection inspired by my childhood memories of my mom and her furniture, her closet, and her flowers. Those are the objects that remind me of her. For textile prints, I designed some of my own prints, and I also collaborated with an artist friend for one of the prints. Through the choice of fabrics, I wanted to connect and pay homage to many of the classic haute couture looks that inspired me the most.