Italy Pictures from Catelyn: Tutus and Mystery Men

I had the pleasure of taking a nice long weekend in Italy. Unfortunately, it was raining buckets, and I had a hard time getting pictures of people in the streets. I did managed to scrounge up a few interesting people despite my obstacle of the ever present rain.


Coworkers: Here is the American influence in Europe, brought to you by the local American Apparel in Florence, Italy. These two had such chemistry. I love that Olivia had on a tutu. It is very reminiscent of the seemingly timeless Carrie Bradshaw. I was inspired to immediately try on the tutu in black (a safe color) and was sad to find that it did not look as cute on me. Oh well. Bas, on the other hand, has a James Dean things going on for him. He looks like one of our very own San Franciscan boys right? Who would have known these two were Italian?


Mystery man: He just couldn’t stay still for my picture!


Lucca: In a little old town surrounded by a medieval wall, I found a diamond in the rough. This little sassy boutique was hot. From the military style rain boots to the rabbit fur cropped jacket, the owner was kind enough to let me take a picture.

Pictures and words by Online Student and FSD Paris Correspondent Catelyn Lonergan