Vogue is the Top Selling Fashion Magazine

Vogue is the Top Selling Fashion Magazine

Vogue August 2011 featuring Sarah Jessica Parker

It looks like print isn’t dead — not totally.

Magazines haven’t been flying off newsstands as of late, but Vogue is the exception — thanks to the March issue (which featured Lady Gaga). That particular issue boosted sales more than 100,000 copies from the previous year and, overall, the sales of the mag are up 12.7 percent from last year

Sounds pretty good.

Want to know how some of your other fave fashion mags are doing? Check out the stats below:

Marie Claire – down 21.5 percent; average sales of 198,752.
Glamour – down 17.5 percent; average sales of 453,707 copies.
Harper’s Bazaar – down 14.3 percent; average sales of 137,117 copies.
People StyleWatch – down 11.8 percent
W – down 11.8 percent
Elle – down 9 percent; average sales of 250,056 copies.
Lucky – down 9 percent; average sales of 150,271 copies.
InStyle – down 8 percent; average sales of 570,272 copies.
Vogue – up 12.7 percent; average sales of 360,400 copies.

What are your thoughts on magazine sales? What magazines do you buy every month?

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