Hot Topic of the Week: Princess Diana and Kate Middleton on the Cover of Newsweek


Major magazine Newsweek has been under fire for their recent cover featuring the late Princess Diana photoshopped in next to Kate Middleton. In addition to that, they digitally aged her to give us an idea of how she would look today.

But the question is whether or not this is appropriate. Check out this video from

…and it doesn’t really stop there. We have yet to read any positive views on this. Jessica from Go Fug Yourself wrote, “Never mind that the last time I checked, Newsweek was supposed to be covering, you know, news, as it is not called FictionalPrincessStoriesWeek.” The London Telegraph called the cover “ghoulish” and a “disgrace,” while the blog Jezebel pinned it as “ridiculous.”

However, Tina Brown defended herself in a statement given to The Cutline: “We wanted to bring the memory of Diana alive in a vivid image that transcends time and reflected my piece.”

What are your thoughts on the Newsweek cover? Is it tasteless? Or do you think there isn’t anything wrong with it?