A group shot with Patrick ; Photo by Yuna Choi

Fragrance Project Presentation with Patrick McDonald

A group shot with Patrick ; Photo by Yuna Choi
A group shot with Patrick McDonald; Photo by Yuna Choi

On Monday, August 3rd, MFAFSH 532 01: MS: Trend Analysis & Product Development students had a final fragrance project presentation for Patrick McDonald. The class has worked in a group to develop a fragrance as well as market the fragrance’s brand within the current confines of the fragrance and beauty business. Their project ‘Wild and Nature’ is a San Francisco-based, dual-gender fragrance dedicated to natural scents. Students presented the process of creating their own scents, bottle and logo designs, cost of goods, sales/distribution plan and a PR/ marketing plan.

“Wild and Nature perfume is a very San Francisco-rooted, California-like, unisex perfume. But I still think it is better to expand the views to attract more customers across the country. Perfume has been ‘Sex Appeal’ product for over decades, I suggest using different colors of wooden caps for each gender while keeping your concept,” said Patrick McDonald.

McDonald was able to give the class some insight into perfume industry. “Perfume is luxurious and that is what customers want when purchasing.” He also suggested great tips for a marketing plan, “I think it is better to have a discount with the next purchase and a free gift for first purchase. Everyone likes free gifts! Also, San Francisco has numerous upscale hotels. The products can also be sold at exclusive gift shops and target tourists who are willing to purchase San Francisco rooted souvenirs.”

After Patrick McDonald gave positive feedback and input, students handed in a catalogue and perfume sample they made just for him. McDonald gladly accepted saying, “Thanks for being a part of this project!” McDonald influenced students to tap into the perfume industry and these students were fortunate to have one of those rare experiences to be reviewed from an industry expert.

The presentation was filmed by Cyber Campus.

Written by Yuna Choi, BFA Merchandising