Feinstein Wants to Hear Your Thoughts on the Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Prevention Act


We received this in our inbox this week and we thought that we should share it with all of our loyal FSD readers….

For those of you don’t know, the Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Prevention Act (introduced as U.S. Senate Bill 3728) is a proposed legislative act that aims to extend copyright protection to fashion designs.

Last week there was major progress in getting copyright protection for fashion design. The Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved the bill but Senator Dianne Feinstein, who is on the committee, wants a change that could totally derail our effort. We need her and Senator Charles Schumer, the lead sponsor, to agree on how frivolous lawsuits are handled. Without a deal between them it cannot go to the Senate floor. The more willing she is to compromise, the greater the chance for Senate floor passage.

We need everyone to write Senator Feinstein and ask her to do everything she can to pass the IDPPPA (S.3728) this year. Time is of the essence, as this Congress will only last a few more weeks at the most.

The more California constituents she hears from, the more likely she is to help move the bill to the Senate floor so it can become law this year.

Below are some talking points for an email, which can be VERY short. The key thing is that you say it in YOUR OWN WORDS.

You can email the Senator through via the web feinstein.senate.gov . Send the same email direct to her staff — please send that email to Senator Feinstein via: Neil_Quinter@judiciary-dem.senate.gov.

Introduce yourself as a CALIFORNIA resident/voter/business person and tell her design protection is important to you.

Urge Senator Feinstein not to hold up IDPPPA, S.3728. Below are a few different ways one could say this (again, please use your own words).

  • You can tell her you understand she’s raised an issue which is holding up the bill, and ask her to work quickly to make sure the issue gets resolved and our bill can move forward this year.
  • Ask her to agree to a compromise as soon as possible, so there can be quick resolution and the Senate can pass the bill this year.
  • Whatever she can do to help quickly solve this issue, so that the bill can pass this year, would be greatly appreciated by California designers/retailers, local industry etc.
  • You can thank Senator Feinstein for her previous support.
  • Ask Neil to please make sure the Senator sees your letter.

Here’s a suggested subject line for your email: FOR SENATOR FEINSTEIN . Important Message on IDPPPA.