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In today’s edition of Ex-Changing the World, Sophie Littin from New Zealand!

I am currently on exchange from Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand. I am studying towards a B.F.A. in Fashion Design. The opportunity to study abroad came up and I thought I would give it a go. As I researched more about studying abroad and the Academy of Art University, I realized it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity that would be invaluable to my study and design work.

San Francisco is very similar to Wellington, NZ, as both cities have a very diverse culture with so much to do, all of the time. However, Wellington is a lot smaller geographically. Moving to San Francisco to study for a semester reminds me a lot of the first time I moved away from home to study – finding my way around a new city, meeting people and learning more about fashion. The classes I am taking here are ones that aren’t offered in NZ: Shoe Design, Fashion Illustration, Costume Design and Consumer Motivation, so studying at the School of Fashion is a fabulous experience.

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I have really enjoyed traveling around California when I have had spare time. On the weekend of my arrival, I went to Lake Tahoe and Carmel with some family and just recently I went to Yosemite National Park on an Academy of Art University trip. Yosemite was so beautiful, the views were absolutely breath taking. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone who is at the school or on a student exchange here in the States. While I am here, I would love to see a baseball, hockey and football game, as they’re not so popular in NZ. I also really want to see the Redwoods out from Sausalito as well.

For anyone who is interested in studying abroad at Massey University in Wellington, NZ, I would recommend seeing the many art galleries (Manky Chops on Cuba Street) and indulging in great coffee and food (Caffe L’affare and Sweet Mothers Kitchen). There are also heaps of really scenic walking tracks with views of the beaches and South Island. And also a lot of great concerts during the summer months too.

I look forward to the coming weeks of study here at the Academy of Art University and more adventures around San Francisco.

Written By: Sophie Littin

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