Eunsol Kang – Senior Thesis Project 2023

Major: BFA Fashion Design

Contact: Instagram | Website | Email

Hometown: South Korea

My dream is to become a fashion designer who positively influences society. I love combining ideas and visual elements and believe that all cultural texts should have complexity. Once I explored the idea of feminism, and realized that women’s position in society has many historical layers. I examined different perspectives of feminism throughout history and combined the Romanticism era and the 1980s in my collection. I reimagined the oversized power suit silhouette with romanticism-era clothing, creating a new fashion that combines two different eras of women’s history (social status, perspective, politics, culture, etc.). Focusing on only one perspective would have made the design too simplistic. My collections are unique because of the unexpected materials I use, such as reflective, illuminating, and metallic fabrics. The structured and stiff reflective mirror fabric is perfect for dramatic expressions of 80s power suit silhouettes, and its mirror-like qualities represent romanticism’s emphasis on individuality and freedom.