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East Meets West

As Asian workers continue to grow more powerful and influential, fascination with this region and its rich sartorial traditions continues to inspire and find fresh expression. This editorial was written and facilitated by Quina Jin, MA Fashion Journalism, for her online magazine ShangFrancisco. Jin collaborated with Wei Hsu to bring to life the merging of East and West sartorialism.


east meets west 1

East meets west 2

east meets west 3

east meets west 4

east meets west 5

east meets west 6

east meets west 7

east meets west 8 east meets west 9


Production & Styling: Wei Hsu 
Photograpy: Jen Miyako McGowan 
Model: Hannah Tokuno  Stars Model Mgnt
Makeup: Jay Jow (CintaAveda)
Hair: Sean Kosugi
Assistant: Amber Lin/Lola Chang 

This content was produced by Academy of Art University MA Fashion Journalism students as part of their Fashion Journalism coursework.