Do you want to be a Betty?


Attention Fashion Journalism students! has internship opportunities available and are looking for people who have a passion for social media. Benefits of being a Betty Ambassador:

* Increase your job skill-set by learning the basics of online marketing, social media, public relations, and so much more!

* Be part of an awesome and supportive group of women in a great work environment!

* Telecommuting! (though we have offices in New York and would love to meet up with the East Coast Betty Ambassadors)

* You may qualify to get school credit for your internship at Betty (please talk to your academic adviser)

* And Betty Ambassadors who successfully complete the 3-month internship program get letters of recommendation for employers – increase your pool of references & network!

Interested applicants can contact Betty via this email address: valerie.dorazio (at) bettyconfidential (dot) com.

Visit for more details.