DIY time with Philip: Tacky Holidays

Remember the days when the holiday season began with Thanksgiving and ended with New Years resolutions? If not, too bad, because that is an era gone by. Now holiday shoppers start gift wrangling as early as September, with most giving serious thought to what they’ll be gifting in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

Holiday parties are my favorite parties. People are just so happy and it’s cold outside, so why not enjoy being crammed into an apartment with a few dozen friends, thanking your lucky stars that the semester is coming to a close. One such party that has become quite a kitsch cult classic is the “Tacky Holiday Sweater Party.”

This year, why not get the party started early, with a tacky holiday sweater crafting party! Holla! There is no doubt we will all be invited to at least one before ringing in the new year and customizing a sweater early could save you a headache when all the other 20- and 30-somethings have ransacked the racks at Goodwill.

I crafted this sweater for less than $20, sweater included, and I don’t think Wasteland can beat that. The materials (photos 1-8):

* super glue, fabric glue could be handy too
* darning and sewing needle
* thread, colors to contrast or match felt if desired
* fabric scissors
* awl
* fine point marker
* assorted colors of felt, think holiday
* rhinestones, assorted colors and sizes
* bells
* paillettes and sequins
* beads
* a chunky knit sweater

Start by drawing or tracing holiday shapes on the felt, for symmetrical shapes cut on fold (photo 9). Add embellishments the will be attached to the sweater before stitching on the applique shapes (photo 10). String beads, stitch felt layers and paillettes to the cutouts before attaching them to the sweater, then lay them out to find the desired arrangements of holiday elements and you’ll be ready to attach your appliques (photo 11).

Happy Holidays!

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Written by: Philip Washington