Designers Needed for ‘Emerging Trends’ at Boston Fashion Week


Boston Fashion Week is looking for some designers — particularly a designer with skills in men’s shoes/bags and women’s casual chic. They are also looking for a headlining designer with a full line of 15 looks. If you happen to be on the East Coast (or willing to travel there), this is a good opportunity for you!

A little bit about Boston Fashion Week: the show is called “The Emerging Trends 2011” and will take place on September 24th at the Cyclorama. 2011 will be the fourth year for the show and it has been a good platform for emerging designers to present their work and to network with industry professionals.

The show featured Maya Luiz from Project Runway season nine in 2008. Zack Lo, a London designer, debuted his collection at “The Emerging Trends” and was recently featured in Glamour magazine. This year, the show will feature designers from Canada, USA, Australia and Iceland. There are several apparel designers looking for accessory designers to collaborate with and to also participate in a sharing of runway costs. The starting runway package is priced at $1,250 and booths are $750. The runway package fees includes all models, hair, makeup, video clips, photos, buyers’ contacts, and networking opportunities.

Check out some videos from previous “Emerging Trends” shows:

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